Moulded Polymers for Ultrasonic Applications

NEW! Multiple-angle TOFD Wedge

High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipe is becoming a popular substitute for steel pipe. Varieties of polyethylene used in industry can have an acoustic velocity range from about 2100m/s to about 2600m/s. Using PMMA or polystyrene as a refracting wedge material could result in very little refraction or even negative refraction. Elastomeric materials designed by Innovation Polymers range from approximately 1025m/s to about 1600m/s, ensuring positive refraction for all applications on polyethylene.

Innovation Polymers has designed wedges specifically for TOFD applications on HDPE. Interchangeable plugs made from Innovation Polymers’ low velocity elastomeric polymers permits the user to select a refracted-angle option best suited for the TOFD inspection at hand. These wedges are primarily intended for the TOFD inspection of high density polyethylene butt fusion joints. The modular concept consists of a standard housing, replaceable plug inserts and a threaded plate to accommodate different sized probes up to 12.5mm (0.5 inch) diameter.

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Angle based on Material
Wave Analysis
TOFD Wedge for multiple HDPE materials

Multi-angle TOFD Wedge

Supports multiple HDPE materials
Moulded Polymer Product for Damage Prevention, Kitchener, ON

Damage Prevention

Phased Array coupling & protective covers

Complex Block

beam optimizing with lens or covers
Simple Moulded Polymer Block, Kitchener, ON

simple Block

Phased array and conventional

Wheel Phased Array

Area Scanning Options

Ideal for dissimilar welds

Coupling Irregular Surfaces

Targets & cavity shapes

Combine material or embed targets

Medical Applications

Example Medical Applications

Additional NDT Applications

  • HDPE pipe fusion welds
  • TOFD for polyethylene products
  • Girth weld & welds in general
  • High temperature Silicon wheel and pads
  • Wedge assemblies
  • Rail and high production Polyurethane
  • Concrete Rebar inspection

HDPE Butt Fusion Weld Inspection

Phased Array or Conventional Wedge Designs

Poor Refaction Angle - Rexolite Wedge
Good Refaction Angle - ACE™ wedge

TOFD for polyethylene Inspection

Rexolite 43° incidence
ACE™ 35.4° incidence

Using low velocity wedge material such as ACE™ provides a good velocity ratio resulting in less beam distortion. The higher refracted beams can be generated with lower incident angles. 35.4° incidence produces a 60° refracted angle in HDPE (Vel. 2330m/s) and a useful lateral wave can be obtained even with a 5MHz probe.

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